Time to play

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To become an even better visited and paid cam model you should start to become interactive. I am not talking about getting in a conversation with your visitors, that’s something you should do anyway. But a lot of cam portals offer the ability to use interactive, token-driven toys.

These toys are mostly vibrators, which run on a different strength and duration de- pending on the tips/tokens some user are willing to spend. These toys dramatically increase the popularity and income of a cam model. Usually you can set the price, duration and strength yourself and let the users know your settings. Most tips will be on the lower end (1-2 tokens) but they will flow quite freely. When you are nearing a given target – an orgasm – the tips will start to grow dramatically. Good girls can get several $100 for an orgasm if they offer a good show…

The Lovense

On Free camsites the Lovense is probably the most common of these toys. It is sound-driven, which makes it a bit inaccurate. Still, it is a quite powerful tool.

On paid sites there are other toys you can use, for example the WeVibe is very com- mon. If you want to use a Fuckmachine or a Sybian, even those can be connected to paid sites. So really consider to either get one from the start or invest in one of these toys as soon as you can – or put it on your amazon wishlist. You will see a massively increa- sed flow of income and isn’t that what you are looking for?

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