Specialize yourself

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Especially if you go for a paid site it can be a good choice to find a niche for yourself. There are so many fetishes out there and people are willing to pay espe- cially for those. Ever thought about tram- pling food with your bare feet? You would not believe how many men get off on this…

There are tons of other fetishes as well; special gears, toys, activities, there is no end to the possibilities. It would be good to inform the users that you do these fetishes or just wait what questions will pop up in the chat. If you start to notice spe- cial requests, maybe you can dedicate one of your shows for this?

As an example, every Friday from 8pm to 9pm you will be trampling foods with your bare feet… that you will lick and suck clean (if your flexible enough) from 9pm to 10pm… and you already have 2 fetishes you can serve, that will attract users concentrated within one hour each. So, you have optimized for profit in those two hours. Just don’t overdo it. Go for a few fetishes that you feel comfortable with as well and stick with them.

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