Look – and keep Smiling

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Now, this is an important one: Look at the camera, not your screen. Sure, you will need to read some messages from time to time, but try to look at the cam as much as possible. In the mind of the user you are building direct eye contact with him. This will lock him to you, as he will feel special, and therefore he will start tipping you or even pay for private chat.

You can start to flirt with your cam as well. If you need some help to start, why don’t you create a portrait of somebody you would love to flirt with – your spouse, a musi- cian or an actor, cut a hole in one of the eyes and let your cam look through the hole. You will immediately start to feel more comfortable towards your cam. You will start to keep on looking to the eyes and you are already flirting with your users.

And there you go, your next regular is remembering your schedule and adding you to his follow-list…

Remember to keep smiling

Short and extremely important: If you want to earn money and you are not a specialized Dominatrix, then KEEP AL- WAYS SMILING while chatting.

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