How much do Camgirls make?

How much do Camgirls make?

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One of the most asked questions when considering to become a a camgirl is “How much do Camgirls make?” This questions is depending from various factors. These can be factors considering the camgirl itself; How does she look, how old is she, how does she act, what does she offer, how does she interact with users. But also on other factors; at which time is she online, what Portal is she working with or how good is her stream.

Portal Factors over Personal Factors

When you want to know how much you can make as a camgirl, then you should definitely look at the factors of the Portal itself. Sure, it is important to look at personal factors as well, which are covered in our little guide that you can download. But let’s take a look at the different possibilities that various Camportals are offering. There are general two forms of Portals; Tip-Based and Minute-Based. Tip-Based Portals are often Free Chats. Users can either just look or even interact with a camgirl. There is the possibility to tip the girl, get certain actions with tips or to enter a private chat, which then also will be paid per minute. There are some other forms as well depending of the portal. Then there are the Minute-Based Portals. Users can look at different shows, but after a few minutes every further minute will cost them. The girl earns every minute a user is in the chat. The user will be able to chat with the girl and to even tip her further. For a higher per-minute price he will be able to even have a private chat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Portals

Generally, the Free Portals have a much bigger audience. Especially the featured and more prominent girls will have hundreds and often thousands of users in the chat at the same time. However, as these are free chats, lots of them will not tip. And even if they tip, it will be a low amount. Most of the Camgirls will sooner or later get their “Sugardaddy’s”, a few users that will tip generously to their favorite girl. These guys will make the main income of the camgirl on a free chat site. But as there are such a big amount of users, there will often be not so kind users and chatters. There are sometimes some moderators in those chats, that have the ability to ban other users, but the girl has to deal a lot with chatting and has to keep up a show to get those tips.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paid Portals

Opposite to the Free Portals, there won’t be a lot of users in any chat at the same time. There might even be times, where there are no users at all in the chat and the girl will have to wait. BUT as soon as an user enters the chat actively, they will be earning money. As better as the girl is with chatting, the longer the user will stay and the less performance she has to do. Over time she will know how to get a balance between chatting and performing to get the most out of the users.

So, how much do Camgirls make?

This really depends on popularity, but let’s take an example, as it might be in real life:

A camgirl gets about $ 0,03 on each Token (unit for tips) she receives on a Free Site. She will receive at least $ 0,36 per Minute a User spends in her Chat on a paid site (this can be significantly more). So, on a Free Site a girl has to get at least 12 Tokens for every minute a girl on a paid site has one guest in her chat. A realistic value on a Paid Site lies somewhere between $ 30 – 75+ per hour (higher rates, more guests). That would equal to 1.000 to 2.500 Tokens on a free site. For a very active girl on a free site with lots of followers, 1.000 Tokens per hour is a very high value.

So, a realistic value for any camgirl on a paid site is as a second job somewhere around $150 – 200 a night or full-time up to $ 2.500 per week.

There are several ways that a camgirl can make more even when she is not actively working in front of the cam. You can learn more about this in our guide.

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