Dress to Impress

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Lets be honest, you want to make money with your looks, so take care that you look good. Search for a cute dress, matching underwear, dessous you would wear for your Lover as well. If it would please your Lover, it will please your viewers.

Do your Makeup. You know this the best yourself, every woman is beautiful, but she can make herself even more beautiful with using the right makeups and cosmetics at the right time. You can even change your personality a bit with your makeup; one day you can be the innocent girly, the other day you present yourself as dark vamp. Play with it and look at the compliments you will get…

Also important: You don‘t have to make yourself younger or change your look in any other way, if you don‘t want to. Whatever your shape, size or etnicity, you will find your fans. Just use the clothing and makeup to enhance yourself.

By the way, clothing can also be a Tip-bringer; either you get paid to take off your clothing or to leave it off…

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