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Create room for your shows

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As soon as you set for a channel you should create room for the shows. What do I mean with this? You should find times at which you will be actively camming. Wether this is once a week or every day, set a schedule for you and, even more important, for your users and fans to know when you will be online. This will have a significantly positive effect, as your users will already be waiting for you.

But you should not post all your times. Especially in the beginning of your carreer you should play around with the times to find those spots where most of your viewers and customers will be online. If they like you, you can still inform them about you schedule and, voilà, you have a new regular that will come to visit you and invest his tokens into your performance.

At a later stage, when you found your times, you should still leave some time per week to test new waters and to win new regulars for your shows.

When you set a schedule, it is not written in stone. You can always change it slightly. But do this slowly and keep the new times at least for a few weeks available. What is a schedule good for if it is not reliable? Important as well; stick to your schedule. Be there at least 15 to 20 minutes before you officially start. You will have your first visitors – even if you just prepare your room for your show and just leave your cam running. You will be amazed what people are willing to tip for… At the set time you should start your show and start talking to your visitors.

Another time-related advice is to not broadcast all at once. When you do this next to your job, this might be a bit difficult, but still, you could try to set 2 shorter shows instead of one big show. How about 2 hours BEFORE you go to school or work and another session after you return home? Or a session when you come home and another one before you go to bed? Just plan enough time for your sessions. If your time is very limited and you will do maybe two or three shows a week, try to do those at different times.

Each Showblock should be between 2 and 3 hours. You will start to understand the reason for this after a while camming. There are users all around the globe. An your visitors will come and see you from all around the world. Give them the opportunity to do so. If you live in the eastern US and you decide to cam from 8pm to 11pm, this will be around 7am to 10am in eas- tern Australia. Most of the people will be either asleep or at work at this time. And it might be that you catch a big donor there. So keep on using different timeslots for your shows. When you follow the previous advice you will find slots that work for you and that will bring you users and money.

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